movie/tv shows with chinese dialogs i don’t get

christmas mail 2011


didn’t get most of Kristi North (Ashley Scott) and delivery guy’s Cantonese except no MSG, good bye :(


The Big Bang Theory season 1 episode 17 The Tangerine Factor

didn’t get any of the Mandarin, have to read translations of what sheldon said


The Urban Generation 2007 - Zhang Zhen - pinyin -> chinese - introduction

The Urban Generation - Chinese Cinema and Society at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century

there is no pinyin to chinese appendix in this book, some are hard to figure out, make it difficult to look up more information.  here’re my guesses (and ones i couldn’t figured out).

related - Yingjin Zhang - rebel without a cause? http://www.wfu.edu/~yipcw/wfu/eal/252-book-urban_gen/

張真 zhang zhen (NYU)
月蚀 Lunar Eclipse 1999 王全安 Wang Quan’an

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1916-1999 100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies
why you can’t do these in PowerPoint 2010?

why not?

  • insert graphics as in-line text instead of float
  • export HTML, may not be very good in 2003/2007, at least it work
chinese and english descriptions don’t match

Beef Rice Meal - Rice Bowl with Beef and Vegetables (it’s broccoli and onion)


chinese said 松阪牛肉飯, specifically with Japanese matsusaka beef まつさかうし


can’t really tell whether that’s true or not, never have the real thing before.  Not that much different from other rice bowl.

Android SDK

annoying emulator error

PANIC: Could not open: D:\Users\username.android/avd/my_avd.ini

both emulator -avd my_avd or Eclipse

  • android move avd -n my_avd -p new_directory doesn’t work
  • change Eclipse path to C:\progra~1\Android\android-sdk\ doesn’t work
  • android create avd -n my_avd -t 2 -p c:\avd doesn’t work, SDK manager go back to default directory

cannot use Explorer to create .android, have to use cmd, and then copy over files seems to be ok.

installer still have bug about JDK, have to use back button and then next for it to recognize it has been installed

how do you change timezone on atomic alarm clock?

i have no idea.  couldn’t find the manual, probably in some box in the basement.  No model number or anything, just Made in China. one AAA battery, took it out, (you have to wait a while, if you put back immediately, it won’t turn on) turn it back on, didn’t ask TZ either.


  • mode
  • wave
  • +
  • -
  • alarm on/off
  • light/snooze


mode only change either time or alarm, but never cycle to the timezone part.

it is supposed to be easy. And, some times it take forever to get DST change, you end up changing it manually, defeat part of the purpose of not having to adjust.

[update] - found it, pressing + when not in any mode change time zone.

product placements

really,  last year Twizzler not bad enough? have to outdone Fringe’s Ford? warehouse 13. do you have to have Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) to read out all the options on a toyota prius?  is it drama or commercial

navigator dvd disc read, unformatted disc errors

please consult your dealer! arrrrh.

i put disc in computer, read all 7GB fine.  forum people said cost $150+ for alpine to fix the drive … dealer said they are not even allowed to stock navi disc so they can test it is disc or drive.  they can only order a whole new unit.  they suggested try auto audio shops in town.  the one close to work charged $62 to pull drive out and ship to alphine, whose support told them on phone it is in limited availability?  it is only 3.5 years old!

the backup camera doesn’t work w/o the unit.  at least the proximity sensors still work.  not sure about bluetooth …

alphine quote came back $520+!!

[updated] - originally supposed come back in a week, waiting for part of something, not just DVD drive bad, some thing else seem not right also, took 3.5 weeks before it came back.


saw one just like on tv hovering under flower